If you are using Inventor with Vault, then you probably have a more or less big number of files, which mean something to you, and which are related to each other. cadGraph wants to give you the ability to see, understand and use such relations in a new way.
Visualize: cadGraph will show your 3D Inventor data in a graphical way, like it’s shown on the home page. Depending on the questions you have to your data, an appropriate data visualization will tell more, with more depth, with more context, so that you can see dependencies and patterns
Navigate: cadGraph allows you to start at any given point of your data and let you navigate through the relations in a simple and intuitive way, so that you understand which data is relevant and why.
Search: cadGraph allows you to search across any property, like you do in Vault (or even better), and displays the result in a way that gives you a better understanding of which search result matters you most.
Cluster: cadGraph gives you the ability to group and cluster your data through its relations and so create a context of your data for a better reuse and creation of patterns and templates.

How does it work?

You download the cadGraph Vault extractor, which will read (just read, no modification) your metadata (just the metadata, no files) and send the metadata to cadGraph. The extraction may take few hours depending on the size of your Vault. Once the extraction is completed, you will be able to login to cadGraph and visualize, navigate, search your data and use the preconfigured services.

Which data will cadGraph own?

cadGraph is only interested in your file properties, not the files. No files are transferred, just the file properties present in Vault, such as title, description, file name, creation date, and the like. Properties which you will then use for searching.
Your files will remain at your location, untouched! In order to show you what is what, we extract the thumbnail present in the Vault database, so that when the results are displayed in cadGraph you can recognize your files.
In summary:

  • cadGraph reads the file properties and references between the files, so that you can search

  • cadGraph reads the thumbnail, so that you can recognize your files

  • cadGraph does not modify your Vault

  • cadGraph does not extract your files