Visualize your 3D CAD data,
like never done before...

You have thousands of Inventor files and wonder how you can use the knowledge hidden in them?
The classic search mechanisms do not satisfy you?

cadGraph is a cloud-based platform that "understands" the relationships of Inventor files, allows to search for them and helps to find behavioral patterns and standards. With cadGraph, for the first time, you have the ability to go through the entirety of your data to understand where to look for standards, and thus optimize the entire design process.


Which parts were often (too often) designed similarly? Thanks to AI, the thumbnails of Inventor drawings are grouped by "similarities". So you have on one screen, the totality of all created files and recognize areas where you can achieve great results by small optimizations.


Which assemblies contain at least 3 identical parts? Which parts are used in other assemblies that contain these two parts? Such questions are impossible to answer with classical search mechanisms. cadGraph offers modern techniques that answer such questions and display the result graphically.


Is it called a plate? Flat metal? Sheet metal? If everyone calls it something else, no wonder no one can find anything. cadGraph shows the whole vocabulary on one picture. So you can recognize often used words as well as hardly used ones (typos?).

Working with clean data is what everyone wants. Cleaning data and keeping it clean takes a lot of effort. cadGraph solves this problem. Typos are found and the design language is unified, leading to a significant improvement in search results, which in turn avoids recreating existing parts.

The ability to easily and graphically represent similarities and dependencies helps to standardize the database, and thus bring more affordable products to market faster and more securely.

If you would like to try cadGraph, please contact us at We will be happy to discuss your situation and help you get more out of your data.